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About us

The Swiss Freeride Snowboard Federation is a non-profit sport association, our mission is support our team in the world championship, train young riders who want to approach to this discipline and reunite all passionated freeriders in mountain activities in complete harmony with nature.


The SFSF couldn't exist without supporters and sponsors. Freeriding is the most expanding winter discipline in the last years, contests are transmitted on national TV channels and media are dedicating always more space to it. Profit of this occasion now helping your business and the Swiss Freeride Snowboard Team athlets to win!

For more details about our sponsorship program please contact us.


Would you like to do more with your footage?

Swiss Freeride Snowboard Federation presents


Add your piece to the PUZZLE open video project sending your footage to puzzle@freeridesnowboard.ch

Any kind of snowboarding or snowboarders non-snowboarding video is admitted (pros, amateurs as beginners FREERIDE, BACK COUNTRY, mountaineering, park, street, crashes, hilarious stuff, parties, music, bullshit,... and any riders mountain activity without restrictions).

See you soon on PUZZLE movie first edition!



Are you interested to co-operate with the Swiss Freeride Snowboard Federation? Improve your freeride skills, take part to the international snowboard scene and live a unique amazing experience?

Please contact us here to apply or request any information, we'll be happy to come back to you as soon as possible.


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